Shandong Port Import and Export Co., Ltd

Shandong Port Import and Export Trading Company is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in international trade, with many years of experience in import and export business. The core business of this foreign trade company covers multiple fields, and the company is committed to providing customers with high-quality and competitive products. Through professional market analysis and customer demand research, the company continuously optimizes its product structure and supply chain.

  • 2021year

    Establishment of the company

  • 3year

    Focusing on foreign trade

  • 100+

    Current employees of the company

  • 50+

    Cooperative clients

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seaportProduct Center

As a "modern comprehensive network service operator", the company is committed to developing and providing enterprise to customer network platforms, providing online application services for customers


Full participation, continuous improvement, technological innovation, enterprising spirit, and striving for excellence


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Real time monitoring of new industry news, providing professional services and industry news to customers。


After three years of rapid development, Shandong Port Import and Export Co., Ltd. has become a highly regarded foreign trade enterprise in Shandong region and even nationwide due to its stable operation, rich experience, and forward-looking vision

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